Dead Head Winery

Dead Head Winery, located in Monongahela, PA. allows for a unique experience to enjoy a variety of wines and live music in a freshly renovated space.  

Our story starts with the owner/wine maker, Michael Kissling.  Mike appreciates great tasing wine and now understands what it takes to produce elevated flavours: fresh product from the most desired locations. 

Through trail and tribulation Mike has crafted some of the best red, white and fruit wines using techniques to satisfy everyone’s palate.  Now that the staple of his product was formed, he needed a place to call home.  With that, Mikes passion and vision to transform an urban old funeral home into a winery emerged.  Today, this space is fully functional with a wine production area, a spacious tasting room and an outdoor concert venue.  Mike proudly named his business, Dead Head Winery.  The name was created two-fold; the century old building was once a funeral home and his Grandma Mary Kissling’s profession was of a beautician to those who passed away, so Dead Head Winery was a perfect fit.


Dead Head Winery dedicates focus to small scale production which allows us to devote more attention to providing high quality product for our customers.  This commitment to quality is evident both in the glass and atmosphere found at our winery.  With a long-time appetite of exceptional tasting wine coupled with a love and appreciation of live music we have created a venue that feeds your soul.    

The story behind
our wine

We have visited multiple vineyards to handpick grapes from Pennsylvania, Michigan, Washington, Chile, and California. Our wine is aged in American, Whiskey (Jack Daniels), and Bourbon (Jim Beam) Barrels. That’s our background we can’t wait to learn about yours, you’ll die to come here!

How we started

As a young child Michael used to visit with his grandmother at her job as a mortician. Spending multiple hours in funeral homes Michael grew a great appreciation for the industry.

Fast forward years later Michael became a wine lover and has brought his childhood and love for wine together. Michael has purchased an old funeral home and transformed the building into a winery! His grandmother use to say that she cut “dead heads,” which is where our name has come from!

Our Story